Screenshot of spotify playlist titled "Upbeat Tunes 2022"

Upbeat Tunes Playlist – 2022

It’s sunny somewhere on this big ‘ol planet!

Though lament is still my favorite, some days get to be bathed in peppy steps, puffy clouds, and good snacks.

These songs have steadied the good moods and helped my heart have joy. I hope they brighten your day!

My Upbeat Playlist of 2022

Screenshot of spotify playlist titled "Upbeat Tunes 2022"
  • As I’m sure you can understand, getting a puppy didn’t seem like a great idea when considering the reality of potty breaks, playtime, and the general activity needed to keep up with a four-pawed toddler. Especially as it pertained to me and my physical and mental health limitations with POTS, persistent migraines, and a bouquet of mental health disorders....

  • I am driven by striving. In one conversation with a Christian mentor, the words blurted out before I could properly weigh them: “Striving is what makes life worth living.” I wasn’t completely wrong, but I definitely wasn’t right either. A more appropriate statement might have been “Striving towards a goal is life-giving to me,” and yet with tears in my eyes as I grieved the loss of my ability...

  • In November of 2022, I decided I wanted to pursue getting a service dog (read about that journey here). It was a choice I made after a year and a half of struggling a great deal with increasing mental and physical health challenges. All combined,......

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